It’s incredible how new eyebrows, luscious lips, and gorgeous locks of wig hair can make you feel so effortlessly transformed on the inside. Every new element of my transformation — my nose contour, the false eyelashes, the off-the-shoulder floral dress — immediately electrified me. There are times in my regular life when I have moments of strong confidence, but my drag transformation was like collecting all these moments together, concentrating them, and amplifying them by 200 percent. And with the change of a blonde wig to a red nest of hair, or the swapping of a dress for a black corset and heels, some new part of myself was instantaneously sparked. It was electrifying.
When I think back on my transformation, I can definitely identify with the pink cross. Two looks — my everyday boy-look, and my new drag look — crossed each other and created a strong heightened sense of my self as they intersected.