How to find words to explain this experience…It was intence, funny, disconcerting, and I´m super hapy that I did it.
It was a very interesting experience for me because it was the first time that I was transformed into a man in this way. I was surprised how quickely the transformation happened. I really liked that I didn´t feel the need to „act“ like a man or to play a caracter but that this man/caracter appeared by himself, naturally, and naturally I started to speack differently and to move differently. I find this facinating, as if the mask is so strong that it just simply pulls me inside it.
I liked that there was a few costumes and wigs around and that we could just try things out, because as I started to surch for the right wigs and the right costume it felt like finding my way to feel good with this new face, or to explore the different facettes of this new born person. And the most surprising was that actually I fellt the most male without any wig, with my own hairs.
Another very strong experience in the lab was that I shared this transformation with my two partners, and that their transformation was for me more shocking and surprising that my own. We tryed to kiss each other and it was allmoast impossible. I remember that this was an extrememly strange feeling, because I knew there are still themselves, but still it was super weared to approach them. It was not possible to approach them the same way, as we were really different persons. And it made me feel also that Iam in love with a certain apprearance of them, and that if I don´t like how they look, it can becomes tricky. It´s a strange feeling because normaly I´m use to always like how they look, but there it was different.
But it made me exited and curious to explore more and to discover all the other persons we can be. It made me think that we very often enclose ourself in just a few roles, maybe the one we like or the ones that are the most practical for our lifes, or the ones other poeple like…but there is actually an infinity of other selfs, and I find this super rich and inspiring. I think to change our apprearance through make up and closing, is actually a very direct way to open this door, and I am incredibly thankfull that by chance we had the opportunity to take part to this lab, because I think I don´t do this enough!